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Study in Singapore

A vibrant, modern and an island nation, Singapore is known for its rich and multicultural heritage, offering a multiracial and fast-paced lifestyle.

Along with the mesmerizing beauty, it is home to world-class universities that make it a perfect study destination for foreign students who are looking for a unique and modish higher education experience.

It is slowly becoming the most preferred study destinations among international students.

Singapore is no less than other study destinations in terms of its education quality. It has maintained exceptionally high standards of teaching and learning. The colleges and universities in Singapore are highly research focused. Most universities are linked to various industries that help students embark practical skills. This is the main reason why Singapore is mostly preferred by international education aspirants. This not only makes the study experience more interesting but also much engaging.

The country is famous and is known as ‘global schoolhouse’ due to its well-developed educational system. Based on British education system, Singapore has formalized a stronger base, making the country to be one of the leaders in higher education worldwide.

According to 2019 QS World University Rankings, three universities of Singapore have bagged positions in the list of top-ranked universities. Out of which, The National University of Singapore (NUS) is highly ranked at 11th position, followed by the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) and Singapore Management University.


The cost of living in Singapore is comparatively less than other study destinations. The tuition fees of institutes vary according to the course a student has chosen and at what level. Usually, the average amount of fee for Undergraduate Degrees ranges between 9000 SGD$ to 13000 SGD$ for a year and 15000 SGD$ to 28000 SGD$ annually for Postgraduate Degrees.

The country also provides the financial aid to international students that help students to curb their fee. When it comes to prove the language efficiency, students are not required to appear for IELTS/PTE or any other English Test to study in Singapore. A number of institutes accept students without IELTS who have completed their previous education in the English medium.